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Contrary to popular belief, a website is never set in stone – it is a living, breathing organism that can grow, change, and develop over time according to your operational goals.  Your website is your digital calling card – you want to educate and empower people to stand behind your brand…but how do you do this?

Did you know that can run structured tests that track the navigation and mouseflow of users on your website?  While these tests provide actionable data on what page elements to improve upon, more than half of small businesses fail to do deep user interface testing every year.  For the most part, most small businesses either are too busy to constantly work on their sites or get stuck in the rut of thinking they need an entirely new website design if their current version isn’t netting the results they desire.

While we’re here, let’s mention some user interface and user experience hallmarks that set the stage for the rest of this post…

  • The grand majority of visitors that end up on your site ARE NOT ready to buy any products or services
  • First impressions matter – you have around 8 seconds to capture visitor’s attention with something compelling
  • Both product and service explainer videos can dramatically increase on-site purchases
  • Slow page loading speeds will absolutely kill your traffic engagement and overall conversions
  • If you have plenty of targeted landing pages, you’ll source more quality leads
  • A/B Testing is the best way to track and measure the conversion of page elements.

What’s Your Angle?

What is the first thing people see when they arrive on your website?  Do they have a clear idea of your products, services, and overall value?  What problems does your product or service solve for the end user?  How do your solutions make their lives easier at the end of the day?

This information needs to be front and center in your homepage copy.  Websites with high conversion rates let visitors know what they do, how they do it, and why it matters…in a very short, concise blurb.  The biggest challenge is fitting all of this information into a few words that paint your brand in the proper light, while speaking to the needs and wants of your target audience.  You’ll see a lot of companies employ a touch of wit or humor here to capture your attention, warming you up to the style of their site.

Give The User Something To Do

A strong Call-To-Action or CTA is another feature you see on websites with high conversion rates.  On most small business websites, marketers do a decent job of addressing the what and why of their operation, but don’t lead the visitor to take any action that will educate them, qualify them, or reward them with downloads and freebies.

It is imperative to address customer pain points and common sales objections with your call to action.  Is your product or service a “gotta have it now” low consideration item, or is it a high consideration “let me do copious amounts of research and comparison” item?  Strong, targeted calls to action depend on what your business offers and how your target customer interacts with your product.  Speaking directly to these product or service attributes and objections in the CTA copy can really fire up your conversion rates across your site.

Typically, you see calls to action prompting site visitors to provide their contact information in exchange for a white paper download, coupon code, guidebook, or a free consultation.  Whether you have a simple email address box or a short form to fill out, the CTA needs to push the visitor to fill out the form – give the visitor something of value as a thank you for their participation.  The most important piece here is to give the user a next step that mires them in the process of considering your brand – no longer is it enough to dump them on a page…hoping and praying they will pick up the phone.

Another key part of CTAs is the very messaging of what it is you are trying to get the user to do.  General language typically pales in comparison to very direct, action-based copy.  As an example, Mozilla noticed that when they rolled out Firefox 3, their initial CTA copy of “Try Firefox 3” wasn’t knocking it out of the park.  However, when the Mozilla team switched that CTA copy to “Download Firefox 3 Now – Free,” their conversion rates and overall download rates skyrocketed.  It was obvious that a common user objection was the fact that the new and improved Firefox could cost money – once that objection was addressed in the CTA copy, the conversion results improved.

Social Proof

You’ve all seen it plastered across different websites…”Award-Winning” this, “World-Class” that, “Reliable, Trusted, Unlimited, Best In Class.”  It’s a shame that a lot of companies describe their business using the same old, tired language that we all have gone blind to over the years.  The short of the long is most visitors to your site glaze over these stock terms that show up often…it’s like they’ve been used so frequently that they have lost their value.

However, when you use social proof and testimonials on your website, visitors pay more attention to how your brand is perceived .  Visitors will often put more stock in what their friends and other people will have to say about your operation.  Social proof becomes an important validation of trust and adaptability – you can say you’re the best in business all day long, but people want to see what others have to say about you.  Testimonials and social proof can really help improve your conversion rate – they function well on the homepage, product or service pages, contact us page…just about anywhere you need to demonstrate your brand’s credibility.

At the end of the day, these few elements can really change the engagement and conversion rates you see on your website.  Don’t incur the cost of building a whole new website just yet!  Polish up your user interface, calls to action, and testimonials – the sky’s the limit.  Still not happy with your website conversion rate?  Give the user interface technicians a call at Digital Vitamin – it will be good for your business.

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