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CMO Level Strategy and Insights

In today’s digitally- driven world, you need a high-level marketing partner driving growth in the company using all relevant channels that results in leads and sales.

We function as your strategic consultant, a virtual CMO, a challenger for growth who understands your business situations and unique marketing needs. As a valued member of the executive team, we set marketing strategies, report on findings, insights, and KPI and drive tactical execution within Digital vitamin and your team.


Email Marketing

One of the most powerful ways to engage your customers is a well designed and optimized email marketing program. It gives you the ability to directly communicate with your customers and still one of the most effective channels for direct sales.

Email automation drives real-world revenue as we help you grow your list, run automated, content-heavy campaigns, nurture an audience through the sales funnel. We also have the ability to re-engage lukewarm prospects and customers that have abandoned shopping carts with detailed, personalized messaging.

Email is a natural part of your target audience’s daily routine – make sure your business is too.


Social Media Advertising

At Digital Vitamin, we believe the right social media advertising strategy starts with a goal in mind as well the right target audience.

Our team of social media experts test, refine and run results-oriented campaigns, to get in front of the right people at the right time.

We utilize deep demographic and behavioral targeting in order to get your business in front of the segments that truly matters to your brand and we always keep things fresh by split testing new creative and copy to optimize ROI.  

Our proprietary technology, adds another layer of information identify your audience’s web behavior, measure their interactions with market trends, conversations and rank their data consumption habits, so you can tap into intelligent insights, push campaigns performance, and drive growth across your company’s social media channels.


Search Engine Marketing

Your customers are actively looking, but will they find your business with a quick Google search?

Chances are most customers have no idea what your company does – social media and word of mouth only go so far. Let the SEM experts at Digital Vitamin tool a comprehensive paid search campaign that gets your brand directly in front of a customer at precisely the time they’re open to information that will influence their purchase decision. By using a creative combination of thoughtful ad copy, aggressive bidding strategies, and tailored search geographies, we drive pre-qualified customers straight to your website.


Content Marketing

Content gives your company the ability to showcase who you are, what you do, and most importantly, why you matter to the customer.

First, the team at Digital Vitamin will survey your industry from an interesting angle: how do your potential customers interact with relevant content on the internet? What are your customers reading online? What websites do they visit? Who do they trust? Do they watch videos, enjoy photos, or prefer infographics? Do they browse from a mobile device or from their computer?

Next, we’ll sit down with you to plan a robust editorial calendar full of content – blogs, newsletters, graphics templates, whitepapers, branded social media assets, and more. Content becomes the vehicle that will position your company as a thought leader in your industry, delivering timely insights that both educate potential customers and drive them to action.

Digital Vitamin’s team of creatives will not only help you put your best foot forward…they’ll develop content that gives you the ability to step right over your competition.



A process-driven approach to creating the perfect identity in a competitive market.

Brand identity is more than just a logo, color palette, and font. A bespoke brand identity diversifies a company from the competition, giving consumers something to remember them by. At Digital Vitamin, we take the branding process very seriously. We dive incredibly deep into your company’s history, competencies, market position, communication style, organizational framework, products, services, and more to get a complete picture of why the average consumer should care. The creative branding team here follows a specific process that marries customer care-abouts with what you do best – it all comes together in the mix and blend of color, concept, and inspiration. Whether you want to rebuild your existing brand or want to start from scratch, we guarantee that your company will present the most polished brand possible.


Social Media Management

Organically engage with your customers in their day to day life.

Compelling Social Media content establishes a meaningful connection with your target audience. With story-telling being at the forefront of highly engaging pages. The Digital Vitamin team’s approach to managing social media is authentic creative storytelling, cohesive and compelling imagery to connect your brand’s essence and values to your customers.

We create and publish content that engages, educates, makes your audience, laugh and cry driving audiences to take specific action across your brand optimal social media channels. We also manage your digital reputation on these channels, responding to comments, posts, and messages related to your brand. Are you interested in learning more about our packages?


Web Design and eCommerce

Mobile-ready responsive design with a trend-focused aesthetic.

A beautifully designed website that is fast and functional is important. But a website is so much more. It’s the hub of your companies marketing efforts and your best salesperson.

The Digital Vitamin team builds your site to attract your target audience, to educate, inform and inspire to prospect to take the desired action, drive leads set a strong milestone in sales.

Since a website is now the digital foundation of your brand, we design sites that are concentric hubs of information, building excitement and credibility into every next page that users navigate on your website. Our team of front-end and back-end developers is here to build you a beautiful website that wows your users, immediately launching your company into their consideration.



Also known as Search Engine Optimization – don’t let your website go unnoticed.

If you don’t know what SEO is, don’t be afraid. The Digital Vitamin does, and we have you covered. When it comes to your website in the current digital era, you must rank on the first page of google for keyword searches related to your brand or industry…or the money you spend maintaining said web property is a waste. The SEO experts at Digital Vitamin optimize your website for inbound traffic using a host of keyword, contextual, and link-based strategies, which makes your brand trustworthy in the eyes of your consumers.

What a lot of pure-SEO firms won’t tell you is that overall page rank also depends on on-site performance as well – page load times, redirects, image loads times, content formatting, etc. Digital Vitamin prides itself on implementing continually-evolving “white hat” SEO best practices that ensure customers will find your website and stay on it. Get an SEO check up from the Digital Vitamin team today – we will help you with a SEO strategy that pays attention to traffic, content, speed, and maintenance. Don’t let your website be a digital ghost.


Influencer Marketing

Tap into an audience of millions.  Build powerful influencer marketing for your brand, give your product, or service a voice.

At Digital Vitamin, we use our internal network of influencers and find an authentic match for your brand, leveraging the power of social content creators. Gain access to trendsetters and standout personalities on a wide range of social media and publishing platform to foster engagement and brand awareness, while opening up new audiences. We’d love to show you our new approach.


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