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The Digital Vitamin Manifesto: Culture, Core Values, and a Brand New Approach To Marketing

Meet Digital Vitamin


Digital Vitamin isn’t your typical digital marketing agency. We’re the game changers to how you approach and think about your marketing. On the frontlines of the constant change in the digital world. We’re obsessed with data and results. As big thinkers, we challenge our clients to take the next steps for growth.



We’re Digital Vitamin,

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At Digital Vitamin we believe in creating growth and lasting change… for our clients, for our employees, and our community. Learn more about the DV experience by clicking below.

Dynamic Working Environment

To create, it’s best to be immersed in a creative environment. At DV, we’ve carefully designed a look and feel into our offices to spark ideas, boost productivity, and get our creative juices flowing. Open concepts, inspiring spaces, and playful color combinations are our secret sauce for success.

Life Balance

If you work too hard, you’re going to miss out on the finer things. That’s why the DV Team considers life balance to be of the utmost importance. Our team engages in a wide variety of hobbies, skills and pastimes that keep our minds and bodies active, and our wits sharp. And you get the benefit of happy, well-balanced marketers.

Collaboration On All Levels

At DV, we love collaborating across all levels of our organization, and that includes our clients. Your goals and outcomes are ours too. We’ll meet your needs in the way that best supports your vision… no egos, no right and wrong, and no excuses when it comes to getting things done.

Results Oriented Leadership

We’ve experienced industry leaders, and we’re bold enough to say it right here on the website. Leadership is important to Digital Vitamin because without vision and direction, no progress can happen on your marketing outcomes. Our goal is to bring clients a WOW experience that keeps you coming back for more of the good stuff.

Pushing the Boundaries

DV built a team of digital marketing experts, armed with their skills and ready to take on projects of all shapes and sizes. They’re at the top of their game, but that doesn’t mean we stopped growing, learning and expanding. Cutting-edge technology, evolving strategies, and emerging marketing channels means that you’ll always be at front of the pack.

Paying it Forward by Giving Back

Our community is what makes our work possible. Whether it’s supporting a local charity here in Los Angeles, or funding a farming community halfway around the globe, Digital Vitamin is committed to making the world a better place. Join us in sharing your skills and resources with organizations making a big difference out there.